About ITS

Prior to the introduction of our products, service technicians had very few useful tools available to them when troubleshooting or repairing ignition systems on industrial engines. Ignition system repairs generally meant swapping out components until the defective part(s) were found. To resolve this problem, ITS developed an ignition diagnostic support system known as the Accutek product line. We also produced an ignition troubleshooting video, along with an intuitive quick reference guide.

Engine Stack Emissions

Exhaust emission testing is a very critical and necessary part of engine maintenance. It is estimated that 70% of catalyst failures in stoichiometric (rich burn) engines are caused by ignition related problems.

A failing ignition system can be practically impossible to detect and ignition system performance begins to deteriorate the moment the system is installed. Oxidization, pinched, burned or rubbing wires, failed coils, compromised extensions or ignition modules will result in emissions non-compliance, engine and catalyst damage.

Severe engine damage can result if the air to fuel ratio is not properly adjusted. Engine air to fuel ratio settings can only be properly performed if the ignition system is operating within the engine manufacturers’ specifications.


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